Michigan Auto Insurance Company Provides Safer Environment for Clients


Allied Insurance Managers, Inc., a Michigan auto insurance company, offers its new Fleet Safety program to provide a safer work environment on the road, thus reducing the risk of vehicular accidents and work-related fatalities. As the business partner of many businesses, our firm knows that the safety of your products and your workers are the highest priority.

This is why at Allied Insurance Managers has developed the Fleet Safety Policy to ensure that all employees are capable of doing their job as safely as possible. Our Fleet Safety program consists of six components: Recruitment, Job Requirements, Training, Preventative Maintenance, Accident Investigation, and Company Vehicles for Personal use. All of these are geared towards improving our clients’ services for their respective markets.

During the recruitment process, our programs makes sure that our clients choose only the most qualified driver candidates based on experience and the ability to follow safety protocols. From there, interviews, thorough background checks, and drug and alcohol testing will narrow down the choices. Candidates will also need to comply with stringent job requirements, and only those who pass will be subject to training; at this point, they will be closely monitored as they learn both in the classroom and on-the-road.

We can also implement a system that ensures the safety of the vehicles to be used. Employees are required to perform preventative maintenance as part of their routine. All maintenance steps will follow the specifications detailed by the vehicle’s manufacturer, including thorough testing of critical components such as tires, brakes, lights, mirrors, steering. We have formulated our own vehicle inspection checklist as a reference to make the routine maintenance more precise. If there are any problems found in a vehicle, an employee can file a report for repairs.

In case of an accident, our accident claims kit would help employees document the damage through a supplied disposable camera, and a pen. Once all information is noted, the driver is required to report the accident to his superiors for towing or any other required arrangements.

Since our founding in 1920, our premier provider of car insurance in Michigan has been fully dedicated to delivering the highest quality service. This includes making sure that our clients follow safety protocols to avoid endangering their employees and other individuals. All of these are in line with our goals that have been founded on the values of ethics and integrity.

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