We hope these tips help you manage (and overcome) holiday stress!

Manage (and Overcome) Holiday Stress


We’ve officially entered the holiday season, and Christmas is fast approaching. So, if you already feel overwhelmed by the festive hustle and bustle, please keep reading! Our Allied Insurance Managers staff hopes one of these tips helps you manage (and overcome) holiday stress.

Create a Plan

Keep track of any commitments in your calendar and update it as new invitations arrive. Doing so can help you visualize where you’ll be and when. It can also help you decide which invitations to prioritize in case multiple parties fall on the same day.

Will you host a holiday party? Take time to outline a guest list and menu. Include an inventory of groceries and ingredients you already own, then use this information to create a shopping list.

Consider creating a Plan B in case schedules change. Even a basic outline could make a difference and help you smoothly transition if someone’s flight is canceled, or an unexpected weather event occurs. Of course, if you burn the turkey, Denny’s or Chinese food are always options!

Focus on What Matters

Which is more important—a perfect holiday meal or spending quality time with loved ones? Of course, if you’re hosting or bringing a dish to a gathering, it’s natural to have high standards! However, it’s also essential to keep everything in perspective.

Keep an Eye Out for Safety Hazards

The last thing anyone wants is an ER visit during the holidays. So instead, reduce your holiday stress by properly thawing frozen foods, checking your fire extinguisher’s expiration date, and keeping hazardous foods away from your pets.

Managing Overpacked Stores

Stressed and overwhelmed by overpacked stores and long lines? That’s understandable! Always come prepared with a shopping list and a general idea of the store’s layout (if possible).

Focus on why you’re shopping. Are you getting the perfect gift for a friend? Or are you buying the remaining ingredients for your holiday feast? Maintain this thought in your head while waiting in line. Tell yourself the trip is worth it because of X, Y, or Z.

When possible, avoid last-minute shopping. Instead, when you create a holiday game plan, do your best to list anything and everything you might need. But, of course, we know this is easier said than done!

Maintain Healthy Habits

Humans are not perpetual motion machines, and our bodies need rest. So, make sleep a priority and give yourself time to recuperate from the busy holiday planning.

When was the last time you went for a walk—and no, the grocery store aisles do not count! Set aside time and walk around the block or through a park if there’s one nearby. Bring along your favorite playlist or podcast and let your mind rest from holiday planning.

Going for a walk could boost your mood and reduce stress. Give yourself time to decompress and enjoy the change in scenery.

Eat balanced meals when possible. For example, consider setting meal reminders if you forget to prioritize eating lunch when busy. Have plans to spend the day shopping? Pack a snack with high nutritional value; your future self will thank you!

Leave time to read a book, watch a show, play a game, or do your favorite hobby. Don’t let holiday stress overwhelm your schedule 24/7. Taking a few hours a day to do something you enjoy will not ruin your holiday plans.

Prioritize Community

Despite being “the most wonderful time of the year,” the holiday season can be incredibly lonely for many. So, reach out to friends or loved ones you haven’t seen in a while. Look into joining a book club or knitting group, or find other people with shared interests.

A strong social support network and community could work wonders in reducing stress and positively affecting mental health. Still trying to figure out how to build this support network? Focus on people you feel connected to and trust—including friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, connections from a religious organization, or that guy you see every Tuesday while ordering coffee.

Online connections count too! Technology is a fantastic tool, especially when maintaining a relationship with long-distance friends. If your loved ones can’t gather in person, set a time to have a video call.

Recognize Grief

If you have lost a loved one—no matter how recent the loss might be—do not forget to give yourself time to grieve. Grief is natural, and the holidays often exacerbate it. Consider finding a professional to speak with or a grief support group to join.

Just remember: there is no right or wrong way to celebrate the holidays. Go at your own pace, and do not feel pressured to attend a gathering if you don’t have the energy.

Find the balance between space and isolation. Again, community and social support networks are vital to supporting mental health.


We hope these suggestions help you manage (and overcome) your holiday stress. Whether you plan to travel far or stay local, we hope your celebrations go as planned—and remember to focus on what really matters!

Our staff at Allied Insurance Managers are here to reduce your holiday stress with our dedication to your safety and comfort. So, get a quote today if you’re ready to see how we’re the most reputable insurance manager to handle your personal insurance needs.


Updated 12/8/2022

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