How a Business Insurance Agent Can Help Protect Your Cleaning Business

Spilling bleach on an expensive carpet, a rouge employee stealing from the unit being cleaned, or an accident that totals your company vehicle loaded with expensive cleaning materials–all trades come with risks, and the janitorial industry is no different. Commercial Cleaning Insurance is critical in ensuring that both your business and your clients are protected from any untoward incidents that may happen on the job. Depending on your specialization, it is important to go over your options with a trusted business insurance agent to arrive at an insurance program that is right for you.

As a commercial cleaning company, your job puts you in contact with other people’s properties day in and day out. This places serious responsibility on your shoulders, and it means that you are liable not only for the items you are cleaning, but also for the premises in which you are conducting your services. This is why many building owners require janitorial companies to prove that they have adequate coverage before letting them work in a building; they want to make sure that you’re covered for theft, property damage, and other general liabilities.

There is no one-size-fits-all package when it comes to commercial cleaning insurance, and you may even be wasting your money when you get insurance that doesn’t cover your needs in the long run. Specialized coverage can range from Janitorial Contractors Insurance, Carpet Cleaners Insurance, Restoration Contractors Insurance, to Laundromats Insurance. Additionally, you can also customize your coverage to include medical expenses, business crime coverage, employee benefits liability, and other specific needs that comes with your line of work.

Consulting a business insurance broker who has experience in commercial cleaning insurance is still the best way to determine the type and details of the coverage that you should have. He can talk to you about the nature of your business and the risks that you face, walk you through your options, and create a strategy that fits your checklist. If you want to better understand how commercial cleaning insurance can protect you and your customers, please feel free to browse through Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.’s website for more information.