Home Insurance in Michigan Can Be Bumped Up by a Pool: What Can You Do


As in other states, the premium rates for home insurance in Michigan varies depending on certain considerations. Living in a disaster-prone location is a drawback that would influence premium rates because of the high-risk factor. The value of the property also affects the premium price, as the higher the value the higher the worth of potential claims.

It’s important for homeowners to understand the principles that affect the rates of insurance premiums on a home. Check with your insurer first to see if a remodeling project will raise your rates. One specific feature that will almost certainly affect your home insurance costs is a swimming pool.

Why Pools Bump Up Your Premiums

It’s all about statistics. While thousands enjoy the luxury of a pool that serves as a central showcase for summer get-togethers with family and friends numbers, show high risks of water-related injuries, such as slipping on the poolside that makes the pool accessory a liability. These facts can raise your premiums by 10% or more.

The minimum liability coverage of most home insurance plans is $100,000, but the Insurance Information Institute recommends at least $300,000, which can protect you in case you face hospital bills and lawsuits from pool-related accidents. Possibly you may qualify for an umbrella policy to enhance your coverage for liability up to $1 million.

Other Considerations

Before installing a pool, get a builder that will design it where every safety precautions is considered,  fencing, safety rails, non-skid flooring, and lighting at night. Keep potential hazards like toys and pool chemicals locked away, and keep pets out of the premises. Keep a first aid kit and a list of emergency numbers in the pool area within reach.

You can also look at Michigan homeowners insurance policies that offer comprehensive protection, including coverage related to pool ownership. Some umbrella policies can even be discounted if you get them all from the same insurer. Experienced agents like Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. can review your existing coverage and recommend solutions to fit your unique needs.


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