Have fun with your family and dye easter eggs this Easter!

Fun With Easter Eggs 

Spring has sprung, warmer weather is hopefully around the corner, and Easter is fast approaching. If you are interested in a fun activity that uses items you should already have in your home, look no further than egg dyeing. The fun thing about dyeing your Easter Eggs is that you can make the process as easy or complex as possible. So, create your mini works of art and have fun with your family.  

Recommended Supplies  

  • Hard-boiled Eggs  
  • Vinegar  
  • Food Dye (in your color of choice)  

Hard Boil the Eggs  

To begin, hard boil your chosen eggs. If you are completing this section with your children, make sure they stay supervised throughout. Learning how to boil eggs can be a fun experience, but it is crucial to ensure their safety.  

Allow the hard-boiled eggs to cool before moving on to the next step. While you wait, you can start prepping the dyes you want to use.  

Prepare the Dye  

Boil more water and then pour it into heat-resistant cups or bowls. Using heat-resistant containers is essential to reduce the likelihood of glass shattering. Stir a teaspoon of vinegar into each bowl of hot water, then add the drops of food coloring.   

Do you want your dyed eggs to be pastel or vibrant? The amount of food coloring you add to the water and vinegar mixture will directly impact the intensity of the color. It is recommended that you start with ten drops of food coloring, but feel free to experiment.  

Time to Dye Eggs!  

Once the hard-boiled eggs are cooled, and you have mixed up your dye solution, it is time to get creative. If you are dyeing eggs with your children, you may want to ensure they wear old clothing. The dye could cause permanent staining, so save their Easter best for the photo session with the finished eggs.  

Dip the eggs into the dye solution. If you do not want to risk dyeing your fingers, you can place the egg inside a whisk and dip it.   

Do you want to level up your egg dyeing experience? Grab a box of wax crayons and draw a design on the egg. When you dip the egg into the dye, the wax from the crayon will keep the dye from sticking. You could also add stickers to your finished eggs.  


We hope you and your family enjoy this fun Easter activity and create magnificent Easter Eggs! At Allied Insurance Managers, our goal is to ensure that you can focus on spending time with your family. At the same time, we are hard at work protecting you through personal insurance, homeowners’ insurance, auto insurance, and other policies. Are you ready to learn more about our insurance policies?