Five things you may have forgotten since Driver’s Ed


36468055_MYou’re a good driver, right? Most everyone thinks so, but understanding and remembering the fundamentals can make you a truly great driver. No matter how long ago Driver’s Ed was for you, see if you remember all the basics below.

Get comfortable BEFORE you start driving. We tend to jump in the car, start the engine and take off, and while we’re cruising down the road we realize we’re uncomfortable. Before stepping on the gas, take 10 seconds to adjust your seat, all the mirrors, seat belt and ventilation controls for a comfortable and safe driving position. It may seem basic, but it could save you from being distracted later.

Turn correctly. Do you signal every time before you turn? It’s easy to forget when no one is watching, but you’re breaking a good habit and a law. Remember that when you make a U-turn, start the turn from the far left lane on your side, then turn into the right lane traveling in the opposite direction. It’s so simple it’s often forgotten.

Back it up. Do not rely on just your mirrors to back up. Take the time to turn your body and head around to properly see out your back window. Don’t rush. The reverse gear is typically more powerful than the drive gear, so take your time.

Park the right way. Do you remember how many feet you’re supposed to park away from stop sign? What about a fire hydrant? Depending on your state law, the answers are about 30 feet and 15 feet, respectively. When facing up a hill, remember to turn your wheels toward the road. Facing down the hill, turn your wheels toward the curb.

Pass safely. Sometimes you may start to pass someone and realize halfway that there is a double yellow line coming up. Passing over a double yellow line is illegal. It can be very frustrating to get stuck behind a slower vehicle, but this is a basic. Also, be aware of passing vehicles. Check your mirrors often to see where other cars are in relation to yours.

Everyone can use a refresher course when it comes to driving. These simple and often-overlooked fundamentals could save your life.

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