Family Pool Safety Tips

Pool SafetyWe know the summertime brings opportunities to go swimming in your own personal pool or maybe at a nearby waterpark.

To make sure you and your family have the best pool experience as possible, we are sharing some safety tips courtesy of Citizens:

What to Do

  • Make sure you have rules for your personal pool and that you go over it with all of your family members.
  • If you are planning to swim somewhere else, review this person’s or facility’s rules before going into the pool.
  • Keep children away from pool outlets to prevent them from becoming entrapped on these filters, which could lead to drowning.
  • Make sure children are taught how to swim and wear protective swimwear at all times.
  • Keep your pool fenced off according to regulations in your area.
  • Avoid swimming during thunderstorms and other bad weather conditions.

What Not to Do

Allow all glass, sharp and breakable items near and inside the pool

  • Swim by yourself or allow others to swim alone
  • Leave children unaccompanied in the pool
  • Allow adults who have consumed alcohol to be in the pool
  • Allow running, diving, pushing, and dunking in the pool

Safety Checklist

  • Now that you know what to do and not do, here’s a safety checklist you should make sure you review with your family:
  • Have a cell phone available nearby along with important emergency contact numbers.
  • Gather leftover toys in the pool area to prevent children from wandering after them
  • Have someone available that knows CPR
  • Remove items that children could climb on to prevent them access into the pool
  • When leaving the pool, be sure to check that all gates, alarms, and locks are working properly.

At Allied Insurance Managers, we know how important pool safety is for you and your family. We know these tips will help to have fun and stay safe while in the pool.