Driver’s Ed Refresher

Do you remember the nerves and excitement as you studied and then took the tests for your driver’s license? All that information to remember seemed overwhelming at times.

Whether it was just a few years ago or a few decades ago, we tend to forget certain things we learned during that time. Here is a quick refresher on some rules of the road you may have forgotten.

Keep the appropriate space between you and the car ahead of you. It may seem difficult or even something you want to avoid so that another vehicle won’t cut in front of you. It is important not to tailgate because you may have to stop suddenly.

Those solid white lines and “no-passing” road signs are there for a reason — to keep you and the other drivers safe. Make sure you pay attention to them. A solid white line means to stay in your lane! When you see the dashed lines on the road, you can change lanes. Don’t forget that the shoulder is not a passing lane, nor is it there for you to rush ahead of merging traffic. Keep that shoulder clear for true emergencies.

Always make sure to use your signal. It may be far from your mind, but it does alert others to what you are about to do and can prevent accidents. On the other hand, don’t completely trust that blinker from another driver. Whether they are turning, have forgotten the signal is on, or are simply changing lanes, be prepared to wait a little bit longer just to make sure they truly are making that turn.

Don’t forget that you aren’t the only one on the roads. Keep your eyes open for pedestrians and be prepared to yield to them. Pay attention to the flashing school bus lights. You may be running late, but those flashing red lights requiring you to stop are a sign children may be in the road.

What other refresher tips would you add to this list?