Detroit: The Comeback Kid

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           If you read this title and shook your head in disbelief, you obviously have not been to the state of Michigan recently. Detroit has received a poor reputation throughout recent years. Whether people have heard about the crime rate or the city filing for bankruptcy, Detroit has gotten very negative publicity around the country. Yes, it is true Detroit has some issues, but what city in America doesn’t. The truth is, Detroit is in the process of a major comeback, and Michiganders are overjoyed to see what the future holds.

          One of the most important reasons the city has managed to stay afloat during hard times is because no one ever truly gave up on it. Today, people are investing in plots of land and starting new businesses because they have faith it will return back to the Detroit everyone used to know and love. Whether it is the investment in a new $650 million dollar Red Wings arena or the development of the Woodward Avenue street car project, improvements such as these will help this great city turnaround. In upcoming posts, we will be addressing areas of Detroit and businesses that are a significant part of its historic comeback. In the meantime, don’t be surprised when you hear chatter about this relentless city.

Click Here if you would like to see some of the ongoing and future plans for the city.  

A few primary neighborhoods that are included on the site are Columbia Park, Woodward Square, and Cass Park Village.

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