Commonly forgotten car maintenance

Do you love your clunker car? Or is your brand new car the apple of your eye? Either way, we all know that if we want our cars to perform, we have to first love them. Doing proper maintenance on our cars helps them to last longer and can save money in the long run. We know to change our oil, but what other regular maintenance do we sometimes forget?

Man embracing a car in a garageWhen was the last time you bought new tires? If you can’t remember, you’re likely overdue. Every brand of tire wears differently, so there’s no set deadline of when to change them. However, it will be too late when you find yourself on rain-slickened roads or with a blow-out on the highway.

On a similar note, remember that your tires need some tender loving care. Making sure they are regularly rotated and that the air pressure is adequate can extend the life of the tires and save you money on gas.

What’s that squeaking sound? Is your car shaking? Grinding? If it only happens when you’re slowing down, it might mean a problem with your brakes. In any case, it’s a good idea to have any major sounds checked by a mechanic.

Likewise, it’s not advisable to ignore warning lights. According to a spokeswoman for, 10 percent of all drivers have a check engine light on at any given time, and half of those drivers ignore the light for more than three months. Your mechanic can assess why the light is on, and whether maintenance is required.

If your filters are new then they are doing their job: filtering. If they’re not, then the opposite may be happening. There are four filters you should pay attention to: oil filter, fuel filter, engine filter and cabin air filter. When you get your oil changed, most mechanics will replace the oil filter and may suggest a new fuel filter.  And don’t neglect the other two just because they aren’t replaced as frequently. Both your engine and you need fresh air, not air that passes through a clogged filter!