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As an independent agent, we represent the best “A” rated insurance companies in the market. We have built relationships with many people in the industry on the pillars of trust, experience, passion and knowledge. Our rapport with underwriters is the key to our success and a unique competitive advantage. Our team is passionate about distilleries, wineries & breweries and has a pulse on what is happening in the industry daily.

Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. has designed an insurance program for companies in the Beverage Industry. Realizing the unique needs of this specialized insurance industry, we have worked to develop specific insurance programs exclusively available to companies in the Beverage Manufacturing Industry.

As an independent agent, we represent every top “A” rated insurance carrier who offers insurance products for Beverage Distributors/Wholesalers, Beer Manufacturers/Retailers, Wine Manufacturers/Retailers and Liquor Manufacturers/Retailers. We have the expertise and relationships with key underwriters in this specialized insurance marketplace which allows us to negotiate the best possible terms and conditions for our clients. We are dedicated to the beverage industry and have a pulse on what is happening in this complex insurance market each day.

Allied Insurance Managers is your single source solution for all of your insurance and risk management needs!

  • Craft Brewery Insurance
  • Winery Insurance
  • Micro Brewery Insurance
  • Michigan Brewers Guild Members
  • Spirits Manufacturing Insurance
  • Liquor Manufacturing Insurance
  • Alternating Proprietorships
  • Distillery Insurance Brewery
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Micro Distillery Insurance
  • Brewery Alternating Proprietorship
  • Distillery Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Michigan Craft Brewery Insurance
  • Michigan Wineries Insurance
  • Michigan Micro Brewery Insurance
  • Brewpubs Insurance
  • Craft Beverage Insurance
  • Beer Production Insurance
  • Wine Manufacturing Insurance
  • Winery Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Winery Alternating Proprietorship
  • Distillery Alternating Proprietorship

For more information about winery, brewery or distillery coverage contact Chris Beardslee or Paul W. Kosmal at 248-853-0930 or click here to request a quote.

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