Are you prepared for a roadside emergency?

What to do in a roadside emergencyYou’ve found yourself broken down on the side of the road. Maybe there’s a problem with your tire or your engine. Or maybe you didn’t notice how low on fuel your gas tank was. Here are some things you definitely shouldn’t do:

Never get out of your car to make a repair or look for damage on a busy highway. Get the vehicle to a safe place before you get out of the car. Many people have been hit while trying to fix their vehicle on a busy roadway. Call 911 as soon as possible, describe where you are and ask for a recommendation of what to do while you wait for emergency personnel.

Tire problems? If you’re not in a safe place, it may make more sense to drive somewhere out of danger, even if it means destroying a tire or wheel. While getting to a safer place or simply waiting for help, don’t get out of your car in an unsafe area.

Don’t always accept help from other motorists. If another motorist has pulled over to offer assistance — especially if you’re in a remote area — ask them to call 911 for you. Don’t feel obligated to roll down your window or get out of your car.

Don’t forget to carry a  roadside emergency kit. Not sure what the kit should include? Check out the DMV’s recommendations on how to pack one.