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5 Things You Need to Do to Maintain Your Car This Fall


It’s the end of summer as we know it.

You’re probably already aware of this, but each season can affect your car differently.

That’s why it’s important for you to consistently maintain your car and prepare it for the season to come.

Here are five things you should do to prep your vehicle for fall:

Check Your Tire Tread 

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle.

You don’t want to let your tire tread fall below the recommended level (2/32). If you find that your tread is less than 2/32, you will need to replace your tires as soon as possible.

You can check your tire tread using the Penny Test.

Take a penny with Abraham Lincoln’s head facing you, upside down. Then, place the penny in the groove of the tire.

If you can see all or most of Lincoln’s head, you’re probably below the recommended tire tread level and will need to replace your tires.

Check Fluid Levels

Never assume your fluid levels are fine and that they don’t need to be checked.

Make sure you have the right amount of transmission and coolant fluid as well as enough oil. Low oil is a quick way to burn out your car’s engine.

Check Your Battery

It’s always best to consult a professional to test your car’s battery just for safety purposes.

Be sure your battery is good to go and that you’ve safely cleaned it from dirt, grime, and corrosion.

Please don’t do this while your car is running. Always exercise caution when cleaning things with wires like batteries.

Check Your Car Lights 

During the fall, we fall back an hour. This means that it will get darker quicker in the fall.

Make sure you can see and that your car’s lights provide you with the right visibility while driving. It’s dangerous to drive with foggy or hazy lights that you can barely see out of.

Be sure to have your car lenses cleaned or have your light bulbs replaced if necessary.

You also don’t want to get a ticket for having defective equipment if one or more of your lights are out.

Windshield Wipers 

Wipers might not seem like much of a priority if it’s not raining, right?


What if the person in front of you or on the side of you splashed water onto your windshield from yesterday’s rain?

If your wipers are in bad shape, you won’t be able to clean your windshield properly even in cases such as this.

If you’re noticing streaks or pieces of your wiper hanging off, it’s time to replace them.

Don’t forget to keep a bottle of washer fluid in your car. You don’t want to be out of washer fluid while you’re driving.

We know it’s a lot of work maintaining a car but think about the problems you will save yourself by taking the extra time to maintain your car.

A little maintenance can save you from unneeded roadside breakdowns, possible car accidents, and lessen the chances of having to spend money on car repairs from letting little problems become bigger and expensive issues.



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