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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Leveraging Online Whiteboards


Think back to when you were in class and your teacher was giving a lecture.

You knew you could memorize everything the teacher said if you took good notes.

But then as you were writing down one piece of information, you couldn’t write fast enough to not miss the next important point.

It would’ve been helpful if the teacher recorded her notes on the board while talking, right?

We agree.

This is probably how your team feels every time you meet for a virtual call. They’re hearing everything you say, but then they’re forgetting some of the important parts of the conversation later.

This is a prime reason why you should be leveraging online whiteboards.

If you’re not doing so already, here are three good reasons why you should start using online whiteboards with your team for your virtual meetings.

Help Your Visual Learners

Some people learn best if they can see what you’re saying. It’s not always enough to simply show your face on camera and hope people will listen and understand you.

To better understand your message, some of your team members may need visuals to better process the information you’re giving them.

Don’t just say what your team should know. Show them!

Put your most important points on the whiteboard and explain them further. Some online whiteboards will even allow your team to write on the board too, so they can share information with you.

Never Miss Important Information

The worst thing that can happen with not using an online whiteboard is a team member missing the meeting and not receiving any of the information discussed with everyone else.

Unexpected situations can happen, but your staff will still need a way to receive meeting notes.

There are some online whiteboards that you can save as a video file.

If a team member misses the meeting, they can listen to your whiteboard video and even hear your audio. That way, they’ll be able to receive the same information everyone else did.

An online whiteboard is also a good way for your team to go back and reference your notes later if they need a reminder on what you previously discussed.

Promote Collaboration and Engagement

Online whiteboards will increase your team’s collaboration and engagement!

Interactive whiteboards give your team a chance to not only listen to the conversation, but they will also be a part of the conversation. Give them a chance to screen share and show their thoughts on the board!

When you give your team an opportunity to share their thoughts visually, you’ll increase their engagement. They won’t just sit there hearing you present and preside over the meeting. You give them space to be involved too.

We think this will boost your team’s morale and even make your meetings more productive.

Give it a try and let us know how online whiteboards helped your meeting!

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