For This Year’s Winter, Put These Items in Your Car Now

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Jeep driving through snowy roads

For your safety and maybe even the safety of others, there are several items you should keep in your car and in your company vehicle during the winter in case you have a roadside emergency.

Those items include the following:

  1. A blanket to keep you warm
  2. Warm clothing (extra gloves, hats, scarfs, etc.)
  3. Ice scraper/snow brush
  4. Windshield washer fluid
  5. First aid kit
  6. Water and snacks
  7. Shovel- Remember that one time you went out and you noticed the extra piles of snow around your car that didn’t get removed and there was no way you could drive over it? A shovel would’ve come in handy that day.
  8. Cat Litter- Your tires will spin in the snow. Having a little kitty litter or similar material handy will help you gain some traction to get yourself out.
  9. Car charger for your cell phone
  10. Jumper Cables
  11. Flashlight- Not all phones come with a flashlight, so make sure you have one in the car.
  12. Batteries- You can’t use your flashlight if you don’t have any batteries.
  13. Emergency Contact Numbers- If your phone dies and you have no way to charge it, it’s a good idea to have numbers written down for close relatives and friends in case you rely on your phone memorizing their numbers for you. That way, if you can reach a phone, you can make a phone call.
  14. Gas Can
  15. Tow Strap- Sometimes cat litter and a shovel aren’t enough to get your car unstuck. A tow strap and a Good Samaritan can help.

We know we sound like captain obvious, but you’d be surprised how often people drive without these items in their car.

You never think something will happen to you until it does.

That’s why we want you to be prepared even if everything goes right while you’re driving during the winter, which we hope you will have a safe winter driving season.

Share this list with your family, friends and employee drivers.