Summer Boating Tips

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Every summer, our team gets calls from customers after a fun weekend on the water takes a turn for the worse. Often, these accidents could have been prevented with just a few simple precautions. Here are a few tips we like – courtesy of our partners at Safeco.

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Detroit Tigers Outing

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Congratulations to the Detroit Tigers for a great game yesterday, where they took home a win against the Seattle Mariners, 5 to 4. Cameron Maybin scored on a wild pitch from Steve Cishek in the 10th inning, creating an exciting ending to our trip to the ballpark.

It was a great day for Allied Insurance Managers to take their annual Tigers game outing. Employees brought their family and friends to Allied’s tailgate to share in the fun. During the tailgate, everyone enjoyed meeting new people, socializing, and of course enjoying giant subs, sweets, and delicious snacks. This was a great way for the Allied team to dress up in their favorite Tigers gear and show support to the local sports teams. After a short rain shower, the sun came out and the Tigers won, which was a perfect ending to a wonderful outing.


Rochester Chamber of Commerce Networking and Coffee

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John and Maddie rochester chamber of commerceAllied Insurance Managers would like to thank the Rochester Chamber of Commerce for hosting a wonderful Coffee Talk event at Rochester Community House. This was a great opportunity for Allied Insurance Managers to get involved in speed networking with businesses from the community, while enjoying a delicious cup of Biggby Coffee. It was a pleasure getting to know and connect with people from all different kinds of businesses. Remember we’re here to help as we discussed to many local businesses the importance of Cyber Liability. On top of networking, drinking coffee, and eating donuts, the Rochester Chamber of Commerce put on a raffle. As the Coffee Talk came to a close, one of our sales staff and account executive John Kosmal was the lucky winner of some baked goodies!

Rochester Chamber of Commerce raffle goodies

Thank You Rochester Chamber of Commerce!

Maddie at Rochester chamber of commerce

8 Father’s Day Acitivities that your Father Will Appreciate

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Father’s Day is a special time and helps us realize just how important dads are. Being able to spend quality time with our dads is often taken for granted and this weekend should be special. Looking for something different to do with your dad this weekend? Here are some suggestions to give dad what he wants more than any tie…..time with you.


  1. Camping – This year you and your dad could start a camping tradition by pitching a tent and enjoying the outdoors. Camping allows bonding like no other activity and sitting around a warm fire telling stories about growing up will be remembered forever.
  2. Beer Tasting – Attending a beer or wine tasting event is a great way for families to spend time together. Michigan’s Brewery and Winery numbers are climbing every week so there will be no problem with finding a location. Bringing home favorite drinks from the event will provide memories and great taste for time to come.craft beer
  3. Bike Ride – pedaling down the street or trail with the breeze blowing in your face while with dad will be remembered forever. Try finding a special path or trail that is surrounded by nature to enhance the experience.

  4. Build Something – Many fathers are known for being the handy man and fixing things around the house. Some examples could be bird houses, tree houses, or just painting something to strengthen ties with the family.
  5. Visit Museum/Historical Site – If your father is a history fanatic he would love to visit a site where he can learn and see more about his particular interests. This type of event also provides a great opportunity for memories and bonding experience. If your father is a veteran it would be a great idea to visit some kind of memorial. Remember to bring snacks and supplies for a picnic as well.
  6. Ball Game – If your father is a sports fan it would be a great idea to take him out to a baseball game. Whether it be a Major League game, minor league, or any other level, watching the game with your dad will be relaxing and a memorable way to spend father’s day. A good place to start would be the new team in Utica with a beautiful new stadium. Please follow this link to their game schedule.
  7.  Golf – With hundreds of golf courses across Michigan there are plenty of places to find a tee time. The quality of time golf provides will be something you and your dad will always remember and reflect on.Find the Right Coverage for a Golf Course
  8. Music Event – Check what the local music listings are for this weekend. Try to find a relaxing venue where you and your dad will be able to bond and find music that he will appreciate. Remember to pack for the event accordingly and bring a large blanket if you will be sitting on a lawn.













Seven Reasons Why You Should Checkout Small Michigan Breweries

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They may be small, but they sure are delicious. Two Michigan breweries, Black Lotus Brewing and River’s Edge Brewing, are producing top notch beers that are making a big impact in the metro Detroit area, not to mention the state. With 205 craft breweries in the state, on average Michigan produces 769,897 barrels of craft beer a year. Ranking this state at number 10 in the country for the most barrels of craft beer produced per year.

Visiting brew pubs are a great way to support local businesses, while enjoying a cold drink and good food. Not only are you supporting the brewery, but you are helping out the places providing the ingredients to brew. In fact, there is a Michigan Hop Alliance that many craft brewers belong to. This is a great way for craft brewers to get ingredients that are sustainably grown, environmentally friendly, and Michigan farmer owned. Why not help make a difference in the mitten?

Anyways, back to the beer.

Black Lotus Brewing

  • The Black Lotus Brewing in Clawson has one brewer that produces the famous Ninja Pirate. This barley wine packs a punch with an alcohol content of 13.2%, earning them the gold medal for Old or Strong Ale in the 2016 World Beer Cup.
  • With a brewing area of about 300-square-feet, 450 barrels were produced over the last year.
  • Dress like a ninja or a pirate and enjoy food for 30% off.
  • They offer a variety of drinks from aged spirits, liqueur, specialty wines, and hand-crafted beers.

River’s Edge Brewing in Milford

  • The River’s Edge Brewing in Milford, is another award winning small brewery. They took two awards home, one international and the other one national. In the 2016 World Beer Cup’s Export Stout category, the Dirty Frank Stout (6.7% ABV) earned them a bronze medal.  At the Great American Beer Festival, taking silver in the Belgian-style Dubbel or Quadruple category was one tasty beer called Dubbel Entendre (7.4% ABV).
  • With a brewing area of about 1,300-square-feet, 440 barrels were brewed over the last year.
  • Enjoy good food, live music, bourbon barrel-aged beers, house-made wine, craft beers on tap, and much more.

It’s not about size, but the passion shown by these two breweries. Check out our Winery, Distillery & Brewery Insurance page to learn more about our insurance program for breweries.