Home Insurance Professionals Warn on Damages from Harsh Winter Weather

People in Michigan appreciate some natural wonders that residents of more southerly locales can’t always enjoy. The State of Michigan encompasses two peninsulas that span the entrance to Lake Michigan. Blessed with some exceptionally lovely wilderness areas, this region of the United States offers incredibly beautiful winter scenery.

Business Insurance Broker for Contractors in the Construction Industry

Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. understands all the risks involved for professionals working in the construction industry. Financial costs that can arise out of bodily injury or property damage to a third party can be extremely high for both upper tier and lower tier contractors, hence the need for insurance coverage that covers all bases. As…

Protecting Your Business: Know Your Options for Business Insurance

Risks associated with doing business exists for companies of all sizes. The business may be in its fledgling stages or it may have grown considerably to a thriving small company. In either case, no business owner can afford to risk their life savings or good name in the event of an accident or legal claim.

Christmas Tree Safety – How Quickly Christmas Tree Fires Can Turn Devastating and Deadly

Each year, U.S. fire departments respond to nearly 230 home structure fires that start with Christmas trees. Home Christmas tree fires cause an average of six deaths, 22 injuries and more than $18 million in direct property damage annually, and the danger can extend beyond Christmas.   The devastating damage┬áChristmas tree fires┬ácan inflict on people…

Auto Insurance in Michigan Warns Drivers to Stay Alert When Deer Maybe Present

As the winter months quickly approach and temperatures continue dipping, deer activity on streets and vehicle accidents involving them continue rising. According to the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition, there is an average of one hundred and twenty-five deer crashes involving vehicles in the Great Lakes State daily. However, many of these crashes go unreported to…