Facts about Michigan Homeowner’s Insurance: What should be Covered

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The Great Lakes’ real estate market offers a vast selection of homes to choose from should you be all for experiencing the American Midwest. However, as a potential homeowner, the location of your home shouldn’t be the only thing to consider—for one, you should look into reliable Michigan homeowner’s insurance to protect you against massive costs from unforeseen circumstances that could leave you in dire straits even before you pay off your new house.
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Trusted Hospitality Industry Business Insurance in Michigan Since 1905

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The human experience is inextricably tied with the need to explore and discover new places and things. So long as this need exists, so will the opportunity for enterprising entities to provide temporary residence for those who travel. However, as with any other line of work, doing business in the hospitality industry carries certain risks. It is for this reason that Allied Insurance Managers saw the need to provide hospitality business insurance in Michigan since our agency’s inception in 1905.
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The Expert Business Insurance Agent for Fire Suppression Contractors Insurance

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Due to the widely varied nature of every industry, each is subject to its own set of risks. At Allied Insurance Managers, we’ve cultivated an extensive understanding of these industry-specific risk factors and do our utmost to become the trusted business insurance agent for any company regardless of background or line of business. Of the range of industries we service, fire suppression contractors insurance is one sector our company has developed a unique expertise in providing insurance advice for.

It isn’t unusual for businesses in the fire protection industry to specialize on certain aspects of the trade. For instance, some contractors might focus on sprinklers and another on fire alarms. As a result, the coverage provided to fire protection contractors must be commensurate to the type of service they provide.

Due to the complexities of the fire suppression industry, most other insurance brokers shy away from providing specific protection in this field. However, at Allied Insurance Managers, our desire to provide our clients with only the best service is what drives our determination to succeed where others dare not tread. As a result, our agency has become known throughout the Midwest for our expertise in this unique coverage.  We have now expanded our geographical footprint even further and are now able to help Fire Protection Contractors in 26+ states.

We provide the insurance that fire protection businesses need by customizing each program according to the client’s individual characteristics. Our rich experience in the field has allowed us to identify key insurance packages that different companies might need. For example, we provide specialized programs such as sprinkler installation/service/repair, restaurant fire suppression insurance, backflow testing insurance, and extinguisher services insurance.

Working with relationships that we have developed with key underwriters in this specialized market, we can design unique programs that fit the specific needs of each company like a glove. Our status as an independent agent also allows us to represent the top insurance carriers offering fire protection contractors insurance products, and thus we can provide essentials such as waivers of subrogation, liability insurance, fire suppression professional liability, equipment insurance, and employee dishonesty insurance, workers compensation to name a few.

With our rich experience as qualified business insurance brokers, we are able to negotiate terms and conditions business owners and managers might find it difficult to obtain elsewhere. In this way, we see to it that our clients benefit from top-notch insurance programs that are well worth the cost of obtaining them.

To find out more about the services we provide for fire suppression contractors seeking insurance coverage, please visit our website and proceed to the Fire Protection Contractors Insurance page, under Insurance Programs. Use the link on that page to answer the supplemental questionnaire and get started on the road to obtaining the protection you need and deserve.

Michigan Auto Insurance Provider Warns Against Texting While Driving

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Rochester Hills, Michigan (August 22, 2014) – Allied Insurance Managers, Inc., a leading Michigan auto insurance provider, reminded their customers and the general public to avoid texting and the use of mobile devices while driving. The company further said that texting while driving is a dangerous practice that has already become the number one cause of auto accidents in the nation. In 2011 alone, 23% of auto collisions involved cell phones, which is equivalent to 1.3 million crashes resulting into injuries and fatalities.
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Business Insurance Agent Company Supports Goodfellow Fund of Detroit

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Rochester Hills, Michigan (July 29, 2014) – Allied Insurance Managers, Inc., an independent business insurance agent company specializing in property casualty, tied up with The Selective Insurance Group Foundation in a Matching Grant Program to give support to the positive efforts of Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit. The company matched Selective’s $250 grant with another $250, thereby raising the amount to a total of $500.

For 98 years, the Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit have been distributing gift boxes to children age 4-13 to make sure that no kid is left out of the Christmas celebration and spirit. This year, the Goodfellow Fund made it their goal to give out holiday gift boxes filled with clothing, candy, books and toys to 35,000 children in Detroit, Highland Park, River Rogue and Hamtramck. More than that, the charity also enhances kids’ lives through shoe and dental programs, camperships, and scholarships to Wayne State University.

Allied Insurance Managers couldn’t have picked a better time to come in and show their deep appreciation and provide assistance to the work Goodfellow Fund does to make sure that no child will ever feel forgotten. The company strongly believes that their commitment to excellence makes it very meaningful to offer help to an organization that is equally committed to being excellent in their mission.

The Matching Grant program allowed Selective Insurance Group, a holding company for ten independent business insurance broker firms, to partner with their agents in giving support to the needs of the communities they all serve.

People can find out more about Allied Insurance Managers’ products, services, and charitable work at www.AlliedInsMgr.com.

About Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.

Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. was founded in 1987 and is one of the largest independent property-casualty insurance agencies in Southeast Michigan. The company is known for their dedication to the highest standard of ethics and integrity.

Why Home Insurance in Michigan Can’t Protect Boats from Liabilities

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As a boat owner, you know that sailing the open seas is an incomparable feeling. Of course, you also know that private water vehicles are some of the most expensive investments you purchase, with average prices now hovering at around $65,000. If you assume that your home insurance in Michigan will cover the damages and liabilities associated with boat ownership, however, you might end up spending even more than that figure should mishaps happen.

Fortunately, Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. can help you find the best rates on dedicated boat insurance policies that will protect both you and your watercraft from untoward incidents. Remember, standard homeowners insurance in Michigan offers only a couple thousand dollars’ worth of coverage when your boat is damaged or stolen—a small pittance compared to the overall price of the vehicle. Furthermore, the damage or theft has to occur at your residence for any money to be paid out at all.

Then, of course, comes the issue of coverage while you’re out sailing. Since boats have nothing to do with your home, don’t expect your insurer to foot the repair bill when you find yourself in an open-sea fender bender. Also, don’t expect them to shoulder medical claims should you injure someone during a collision. If you don’t have boat insurance, you pay the tab.

So before you find yourself in these unfortunate circumstances, be sure to get an insurance policy specifically designed for private water vehicles. They won’t only cover you from property damage and bodily injury, some also offer added protection from pollution liability, while others feature perks like towing assistance or boat accessory coverage. Some will even cover you if another driver was operating your boat at the time of the accident.

If you need comprehensive boat insurance, don’t hesitate to call Allied Insurance Manager, Inc., one of the largest independent property casualty insurance agencies in the country. We represent only the most trusted insurers on the market, all of whom are highly rated by Standard & Poors and A.M. Best Company. We have close ties with many local and national insurance companies, so you are sure to get the best rates for your boat insurance policy. For all your insurance needs, there’s only one number to dial: 248-853-0930!

Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. Offers Business Insurance to Michigan

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Here’s something to drink to: according to statistics, Michigan has the fifth most number of breweries in the country and its burgeoning craft beer industry contributed $133 million to the state economy in 2011 alone. Of course, each of Michigan’s 180-plus breweries are businesses, too, and just like all enterprises, they need insurance policies that protect them against untoward circumstances. Fortunately, Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. offers business insurance to Michigan breweries and other companies in the beverage manufacturing industry.

Take for example the Rochester Mills Beer Co., one of the area’s leading craft breweries. As its director for operations, Stewart McWilliams, says in a video posted on our website, business insurance is an important but often neglected aspect of running a brewery:

As a small business, insurance is probably one of the last things we think about. So we just want to make sure that we’re covered where we need to be covered…Making sure we have the right amount of coverage so when something happens we don’t have to worry about it.

Understanding this need, account executive Paul Kosmal got in touch with the Selective Insurance Group, which has had experience in insuring breweries before. Kosmal, McWilliams, and representatives of Selective went over the details of the policy until they arrived at mutually agreeable terms. Now, McWilliams feels like they have a partner in ensuring their company’s future:

When you have insurance, you want to feel like someone’s there to listen to you and answer your questions, and take care of any concerns you have. And we’ve always felt like we’ve been taken care of by Selective and Allied.

This innovative policy is actually the brainchild of Kosmal and fellow account executive Chris Beardslee. As students at Michigan State & Western Michigan University, the two would “pre-inspect” or sample the amazing beers offered by area’s breweries. After joining forces at Allied Insurance Managers, a light bulb went on: wouldn’t it be great if they could provide an extensive program for the Michigan breweries?

Now, Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. works closely with the country’s top “A”-rated insurers to provide secure coverage for companies like craft breweries, wineries, distilleries, and many others in the beverage industry. We have established strong relationships with key underwriters in this niche market, allowing us to get the best terms for our clients.

If you need trusted MI business insurance for your brewery, don’t hesitate to call us at 248-853-0930. You can also learn more about the Rochester Mills Beer Co. case study by heading over to this link:

Matching Grant Program

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Rochester Hills- Allied Insurance Managers has had the great opportunity of partnering up with one of our carriers, Selective Insurance, to participate in their President’s Club Matching Grant Program. We have donated $250.00 to two charities of our choice, and Selective has matched the same donation. Our agency is proud to be able to take part in such a productive program to help out local charities. One non-profit organization supported by these donations is the Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit. Their mission is to provide holiday gifts to over 35,000 children in the Detroit, Highland Park, River Rouge, and Hamtramck areas. They also provide shoe and dental programs year-round, and scholarships to Wayne State University. The other Detroit based charity is called The Empowerment Plan. This organization was founded in 2011 by twenty-three year old Veronika Scott. She hires homeless women from local shelters to become full time seamstresses. These women then create a coat that converts into a sleeping bag, which is then distributed, at no cost, to homeless individuals around the city.


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Why Get Hired and Non-owned Auto Insurance for Michigan Businesses?

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Risk is an inherent part of running a business and insurance policies are a hedge against unfortunate circumstances that might hurt your bottom line. If you’re wise, you should already have business auto insurance in Michigan that covers you when company-owned vehicles run into accidents. Is that enough, however?

What if your employees use their personal vehicles for official company business, like picking up visiting clients at the airport or doing house-to-house sales? Or perhaps you’re on a business trip and you rented a car instead of bringing a company vehicle? If you or your employee becomes involved in an accident, your business might be on the hook for damages resulting from the mishap. Fortunately, Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. can broker insurance policies that are specifically designed to protect you from this type of liability.

This coverage is found with Hired and Non-owned automobile liability insurance. As the name suggests, it covers property damages and bodily injury caused by a personal or hired vehicle operated under official business.

Even better, you can add this policy to your existing business automobile coverage plan, thus protecting all vehicles operated under your business from sued damages. If you don’t have an automobile insurance policy, it will simply be added to your company’s general liability policy.

If you want to avoid this scenario, don’t hesitate to contact Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. As one of the largest independent property casualty insurance agencies in the country, we represent only the most trusted insurers in the industry, including Great American Insurance Group, the Michigan Insurance Company, and the Foremost Insurance Group, among many others. All our partners are highly esteemed and have received the highest ratings from the A.M. Best Company and Standard & Poors.

With our extensive network, we will help you find competitive rates on Hired and Non-owned automobile liability insurance policies so you and your employees can drive worry free. For the best car insurance in Michigan, there’s only one name to trust: Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.!