Good Michigan Home Insurance Protects Homes from Mother Nature’s Fury

The home is easily one of the biggest investments a family will ever make. However, there are all kinds of things that can put that investment in great jeopardy. For one, the weather can turn extreme and wreak all kinds of havoc on many homes, as pointed out by an April 13, 2014 article:

Policies Entrepreneurs Need from a Trusted Business Insurance Agent

Opening your own small business is about as American as apple pie; it is a key component of “The American Dream”. Few things in life can compare to the feeling of pride coursing through your body as you open your new store for the first time. This is why Faith Thomas of suggests that…

Motor City Madness: How to Avoid Michigan Auto Insurance Rate Increase

As a young car owner, nothing beats sitting in those soft leather seats, breathing in that new car smell, and hearing your engine purr. At this point, you might think about how many young people also have their own cars and the fact that you’re lucky to have one under your name. According to a…