Trusted Business Insurance Broker Offers Effective Analytics Tool

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Plagued with high workers compensation insurance? Try ModMaster from a renowned business insurance broker and discover potential cost savings for your business.

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Insurance is an important aspect that you as a business owner must face. States will not allow you to operate if your employees are not covered by workers compensation insurance. This places a significant importance on proper insurance coverage. However, high insurance premiums are also among the main reasons why businesses lose money. Continue reading…

Auto Insurance in Michigan and other Coverage Firms Should Consider

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Every business owner should do everything it can to ensure that its enterprise is physically, legally, and financially sound enough to keep up with the competition in the market. One important way to achieve this is by getting the right kind of insurance coverage for the right amount. Michigan auto insurance for your company cars, for instance, is one way to protect your investments related to your business. Below are some of the essential types of insurance that your company should consider for its financial security and stability: Continue reading…

Michigan Business Insurance Key to Security as Local Economy Improves

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Becoming an entrepreneur in any economy can be a daunting task. However, with the recent developments in Michigan, such as the passing of a tax reform plan and the funding of student start-ups by the Michigan Business Challenge, the more enterprising residents are encouraged to throw in their lot and open their own business. The recent spike in new businesses, in fact, jibes with the current confidence in the rising local economy. Continue reading…

More People Trust Auto Insurance in Michigan as Insurers Start Stepping Up

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If you care enough for your investment in your car, it’s not at all surprising that getting auto insurance in Michigan should be a top priority. However, as any claimant would tell you, one of the most grueling parts of having insurance is during the time when you actually have to file a claim. Thankfully, this isn’t the case anymore, as more and more motorists are becoming satisfied with their claims experience. Continue reading…