Did you know? Michigan Homeowners Insurance has sub-limits

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The Sky Is The Limit Right… NO!

Do you own collectibles, antiques and other valuables? Do you know that your insurance policy has limits on the coverage of a number of items? Do you know what your limits are?

These limits mean that the funds you will receive after a loss are limited to a set amount, quite often way below the full value of what you own. Though policies differ, there is an average, or standard, limit amount throughout the insurance industry.


A few items and the common limit amounts are:


– Jewelry:     $1,000-$3,000
– Guns:     $1,000-$3,000
– Sports/Stamp/Coin Collections:     $1,000-$2,500


Assets that exceed the specific limit stated in the inland marine section of your homeowner’s policy need additional coverage. This special type of coverage can be achieved through a lump-sum rider (often referred to as “scheduled”) or on a per-piece basis. The cost for this additional insurance coverage is minimal when you consider the potential loss.


EXAMPLE: Let’s say your insurance policy has a $2,500 limit on jewelry. After your inventory is completed, you realize that your jewelry is worth $10,000 and you haven’t purchased a rider. When you’re burglarized – or have any other loss such as fire or tornado – you will receive only $2,500 from your insurance company. This results in a loss of $7,500!

Review your insurance policy, then discuss your coverage with your agent to make sure you’re properly insured.


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Contributed by Chris Beardslee

Allied Insurance Account Executive since 2010