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Safeco’s Right Track Program

Safeco’s Right Track program will immediately give you a discount of 10% for enrolling in the program. Safeco Insurance will provide you with a free, easy-to-install RightTrack device that plugs into your vehicle (no tools required). Then, all you have to do is drive as you normally would throughout the program’s 90-day review period. Once it’s over, we will determine your final RightTrack discount — up to 30 percent — and apply it to your vehicle’s premium for the life of your policy. After you complete the 90-day review period, we will send you an email with the final discount. You will also receive new policy documents that reflect your adjusted premium a few weeks after completing the program. Once your driving habits are tracked the discount will vary between 5%-30%. The national average is 13%. The device only tracks time of day, hard breaking, rapid acceleration, and mileage.


Please visit the Safeco Right Track Frequently Asked Questions Page for additional information


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