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You got in a car accident. Now what?

Posted on: Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Do you know what to do?

The Top Five Entry-Level Muscle Cars

Posted on: Monday, June 12th, 2017

Muscle cars exist for one reason: To get down a straight two-lane blacktop as quickly as possible. But automakers have long paired performance options with convenience or luxury features, which invariably increases price and weight. And they’re easy to justify. After all, air conditioning and power switches are handy and only decrease speed marginally. You… [Read more]

Allied Welcomes Taras Shalay to the Team

Posted on: Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

We would like you to meet our newest member, Taras Shalay. Taras Shalay is a 2006 graduate of Western Michigan University with a Master’s degree in Economics, where he was also awarded graduate student of the year in his department.  With 10 years of underwriting and brokerage experience in Professional Liability, Executive Lines and Cyber… [Read more]

Five Claims That Will Make You Want an Umbrella Policy

Posted on: Thursday, June 1st, 2017

We all know an umbrella protects you from getting wet on a rainy day. However, the type of umbrella we are referring to is a policy that provides excess liability insurance in case of an unexpected auto, property, or home accident. You might be thinking that this sort of policy is unnecessary, but it can… [Read more]

Flooding can occur anywhere, at any time

Posted on:

Water, water everywhere: Here are three ways to be prepared for a flood:

Famous last words: “I will never need insurance”

Posted on: Thursday, May 18th, 2017

None of us is immune to the storms of life. Another reason to ensure you have proper insurance coverage.

Q and A with Joel Kleist

Posted on:

Q. Tell us a little about yourself (your name, title at company, where you are from, etc.) A. My name is Joel Kleist and I am an Account Executive at Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. I was born and raised in Michigan, and I love this state. I am married to my beautiful wife Dayna, and… [Read more]

Cars to Watch – Five “Under the Radar” Classic Cars

Posted on: Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Our friends at Hagerty® have put together their list of five classics that you probably haven’t given much thought to, but are quietly gaining a following: 1981-91 Isuzu Trooper II – Boxy, utilitarian early SUVs have an undeniable appeal as anyone who has lusted after a Land Rover Defender 110 or an early Range Rover… [Read more]

The great American commute

Posted on: Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Commute times are up around the country. What does this mean for you?

Phones A Huge Distraction, and It’s Killing Us

Posted on: Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Our team understands the importance of safe driving. That is why we are giving you tips of how to recognize and avoid distracted driving courtesy of our friends at Cincinnati Insurance Companies. SAFETY THREATS Some startling figures: At any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving…. [Read more]

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