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Michigan Helmet Repeal Law

Posted on: Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

 A Legal Update on the Helmet Repeal Law

MAIA received numerous calls last Friday regarding specifics of the motorcycle helmet repeal signed into law last week. In order to answer many of the legal questions surrounding the repeal, the Michigan State Police issued a Legal Update that appears to provide many of the answers we were all looking for.

In summary, the update states:

  • The law does not require a motorcycle operator to carry proof that he or she has possessed a motorcycle endorsement for at least two years or has successfully passed the motorcycle safety course.
  • The law does not require a motorcycle operator or passenger to carry proof of the $20,000 per person security required to operate or ride a motorcycle without a helmet.
  • Officers may not stop a motorcyclist for not wearing a helmet based on the possibility the operator or passenger may be in violation of the helmet law.
  • Operators and passengers who violate the new law are responsible for a civil infraction.

The Legal Update is available from the State Police website at



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