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Health Insurance

Nothing has caught the attention of our country more than Health Insurance reform and the evolution of its various forms.  Today, we are more challenged than ever to help guide our clients through the maze of Health Insurance options.

Health Insurance in its present form has allowed individuals and employers an opportunity to select various types of coverage based on risk tolerance, accessibility, and cost.  As we move forward under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act many aspects of health insurance will be governed by statues.  Elective decisions have be restricted and individuals are now required to have some form of Health Insurance.

Regardless of the direction of Health Insurance, the concept of insurance is to provide protection in the event of an unforeseen occurrence or event.  Health Insurance has been protecting individuals and families over the years to seek medical care, prescription coverage, and medical advises without jeopardizing their financial well being by deferring the cost to the Health Insurance carrier. The current array of products under traditional Health Insurance has been Health Maintenance Accounts (HMO); Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO); and a Point of Service (POS) plans.  The type of plan selected was based on an analysis of what fits best for the individual or the business organization.

Our goal is to continue to meet the needs of our clients with a plan design that incorporates basic standard care (required under PPACA) such as: preventative care, mandated coverage, guaranteed issuance, nondiscrimination based on health status, and affordability. The professional responsibility within our organization is to stay informed of the changes in the Health Insurance arena which will be occurring over the next few years and communicate those changes to our clients.  The success of any insurance transaction is incumbent upon having an informed buyer who has an understanding of what they purchased and how their product will work. Throughout the transition of Health Insurance, we will be responsible for guiding and advising our clients of the many options available to them.

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