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Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability is the fastest growing and most evolving insurance product in the marketplace.

In an effort to develop this important coverage, Allied Insurance Managers has acquired a Cyber Liability specialist with over 10 years of hands on product development.   We have gained access to ALL of the top cyber insurance markets and developed strategic relationships with the specialists in London to help place the most difficult risks.

The liability has shifted and is now on the business owners to protect personal information. A cyber policy purchased two years ago will no longer meet the needs of this rapidly evolving coverage.  We can provide an in depth coverage analysis, claim/breach scenarios and vulnerabilities, as well as compare your current coverage against what is available in the market place today.

Coverage is available for:

  • Cyber CrimeSecurity Concept
  • Social Engineering
  • Notification Costs Outside the Limits
  • Full Prior Acts Coverage
  • True Worldwide Territory
  • Cyber Ransom/Extortion
  • PCI Fines and Penalties
  • Regulatory Fines and Penalties
  • Business Interruption Insurance


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