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Put the phone down (yes, that means you)

Distractions while driving = danger.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Drone Usage

You have probably seen and heard of several companies using drones for their business. You may also think if everyone else is using it, there’s nothing to worry about. This simply is not the case. What Are Drones?  Drones are also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This means it is a pilotless aircraft controlled… [Read more]

Oh dear! What to do if you hit one.

Be prepared. Here are the 6 things you need to do if you ever hit a deer with your vehicle.

Parents play big role in keeping teens safe behind the wheel

Parents play a big role in keeping teens safe behind the wheel. Here are two important things to teach your teen about driving:

Be ready for disaster with an emergency checklist

Does your family have a plan for emergencies? Here’s a great way to get started:

Allied Welcomes Taras Shalay to the Team

We would like you to meet our newest member, Taras Shalay. Taras Shalay is a 2006 graduate of Western Michigan University with a Master’s degree in Economics, where he was also awarded graduate student of the year in his department.  With 10 years of underwriting and brokerage experience in Professional Liability, Executive Lines and Cyber… [Read more]

Flooding can occur anywhere, at any time

Water, water everywhere: Here are three ways to be prepared for a flood:

The great American commute

Commute times are up around the country. What does this mean for you?

Time for a new ride? Do your homework first

A primer for vehicle shopping…

Drowsy driving: Don’t be a statistic

Drowsy drivers are involved in an estimated one in five fatal crashes. Don’t be a statistic!

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