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Which tire is right for you?

When it’s time for new tires, not all options are created equal.

Kids moved back in? Added a roommate? Time for an insurance checkup

More people living in your home these days? You may need an insurance checkup.

So, you want to work on your vehicle?

Safety is the best policy….

Causes of Water Heater Failure

Off the top of your head, could you give reasons why water heaters fail and would you know what to do about it? If not, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the major causes of water heater failure and signs that it’s time for repair: What Causes Water Heater Failure? 1.     Lack of… [Read more]

Family Pool Safety Tips

We know the summertime brings opportunities to go swimming in your own personal pool or maybe at a nearby waterpark. To make sure you and your family have the best pool experience as possible, we are sharing some safety tips courtesy of Citizens: What to Do Make sure you have rules for your personal pool… [Read more]

Three Cars to Buy, Sell, or Hold Right Now

When it comes to the classic car market, studying the past performance of cars for sale — as well as similar models from the same manufacturer or even the same era — can allow us to see what’s coming, what’s going and what’s staying put. Based on historical market data gathered by Hagerty®, here are… [Read more]

The Top Five Entry-Level Muscle Cars

Muscle cars exist for one reason: To get down a straight two-lane blacktop as quickly as possible. But automakers have long paired performance options with convenience or luxury features, which invariably increases price and weight. And they’re easy to justify. After all, air conditioning and power switches are handy and only decrease speed marginally. You… [Read more]

Five Claims That Will Make You Want an Umbrella Policy

We all know an umbrella protects you from getting wet on a rainy day. However, the type of umbrella we are referring to is a policy that provides excess liability insurance in case of an unexpected auto, property, or home accident. You might be thinking that this sort of policy is unnecessary, but it can… [Read more]

Cars to Watch – Five “Under the Radar” Classic Cars

Our friends at Hagerty® have put together their list of five classics that you probably haven’t given much thought to, but are quietly gaining a following: 1981-91 Isuzu Trooper II – Boxy, utilitarian early SUVs have an undeniable appeal as anyone who has lusted after a Land Rover Defender 110 or an early Range Rover… [Read more]

How inflation can save your life

Proper tire inflation can save your life and save you money.

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