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Allied Insurance White Elephant Gift Exchange!

Posted on: Friday, January 4th, 2013

If you have ever done a White Elephant gift exchange you know it can be quite entertaining.  Below is a play by play of the events that transpired during ours. 






 And the first pick goes to………Monika! She patiently waits as she will have the final choice to keep her gift……… or take the last persons!
Lizzy complains “I don’t have an I-phone!” when opening the package of charging accessories.  Later that day Erica one of our Business Insurance Specialists was nice enough to exchange with her for a candle.
 Flavor Flav Chicken & Ribs Gift certificate made an appearance at this year’s gift exchange!  So did a character from the Television show Boo-bah!! 


Someone’s got a sense of humor!!

Dana your Business Insurance Customer Service Representative stays cautiously optimistic……….


Her snowman had already been stolen 4 times in the game!!


Isn’t that the way the cookie crumbles.  Monika taking Jill Squillace’s (Commercial Insurance Marketing guru) gift!!






Contributed by John Kosmal

Allied Insurance Account Executive since 2010


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