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$62,000,000 Returned to Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Fund Policyholders

Posted on: Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

The Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Fund finishes the year with the largest return in its history as solid performance continues. The participants of this highly successful self-insured workers’ compensation program will be receiving another substantial return of profit. On its 25th renewal, the Fund was approved to distribute $6,210,000 of profit back to its members, which brings the total profits returned to over $62,000,000 since the Fund’s inception. In addition, the Fund has decreased manual rates for all class codes, a true indicator of the excellent performance of its members.

Michigan Businesses with a majority of their payroll in the following classes can be eligible:

  • Delis, sandwich shops
  • Coffee shops
  • Family-style
  • Fast food
  • Casual dining
  • Fine dining
  • Banquet facilities
  • Hotels, motels, inns (franchised & non-franchised)
  • Bars

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